20 August 2008

What I've been drinking...

I've been brewing ice tea in my kitchen window like mad this summer - sometimes I get real wild and even add a few slices of fruit to the brew for extra flavor!

More colours.

So I tried another felt pen drawing,
this time with out borders!

19 August 2008

Drawing in the rain

Simon was concerned about all of the lightening and thunder we had going on last night, so I took my sketchbook out to the garage to keep him company. The rain spots are all natural!

18 August 2008

I need felt tips!

With a little poking(from Ginger) 
I have produced some drawings. 
I must admit it was 
rather fun 
and now I want a full set 
of coloured felt tip pens.

13 August 2008

The goldness

There is just something about this gold car. 
If I had to get a car I would get this one!

12 August 2008

My Bike!

I love my bike! I ride it all the time 
and I still wish that I could ride it more! 

10 August 2008

Best sandwich of the summer

For me, summer is bested summed up by this sandwich. Fresh from the garden, thick slices of cucumber, tomato and onion clutched between two pieces of lighted toasted bread. A thin spread of mayo, with a little salt and pepper are really all I need. Suddenly, I am transported back to childhood - I am sitting at the table with my sister, happily munching away on my sandwich while our mom reads us pages of the children's encyclopedia.