03 August 2009

Flower hunting

A walk in the park gave me the perfect opportunity to take some crazy flower photos.

28 July 2009


The perfect ending to a hot summer evening!

24 July 2009

Happy Runner

Sometimes it is hard to be a happy runner. The route gets boring, it's too hot out and suddenly you just don't want to run anymore. That is when you have to bribe yourself with new gear! And that is exactly what I did this week. I now have news shoes and shorts and I am the best runner ever!

17 July 2009


I like plums!

12 July 2009

Gone coastal

Over a quick trip to the Oregon coast, we spent some time wandering through Astoria. A nice change of scenery and I made use of a few cameras!

10 July 2009

Morning Rituals

Tea makes every morning better.
The whistle of the kettle, the cracks in the bottom of the tea cup and the smell that takes you back to the that morning in Paris.

19 June 2009

Picnic at the beach

It has been really smoky here and that means lovely sunsets!

11 June 2009

Reflection of Sun setting on water in pool with mountains in background!

Well I think that title about sums it up. You're up Ginger!