05 November 2008

Beautiful decay

Somehow, I had never really thought of the transition from vibrant autumn into sparse winter as a beautiful transition. Sure, I love the brightly colored leaves, the crunching heaps of them that fill the yard and litter the sidewalk. But what of the frosted vines, the wilted plants - all new creations of the changing season? That seems to be all I want to photograph these days. 

This autumn, it seems that I am finding all kinds of beautiful decay. The roses, fully spent and bloomed out for the season, petals spread across the accumulating leaves in the front yard, still look lush. 

And I just love what is transpiring in the hostas - the once green leaves are now a pale gold smattered with dark spots, all falling flat against the pot. Sure, it's not quite the same as summer, but it is a perfectly lovely send-off for autumn.

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