09 November 2008


I had a lot of big plans for the weekend. They always start out that way for me. And by Sunday night, I am wondering where the weekend went, let alone what I managed to get done. But this weekend I tried to keep it a little more realistic. I wanted chocolate. And not just any chocolate. I've been seeing this fetching little label for Donna Elvira around in a few places. I love the simplicity of it and the orange just caught my eye. Lucky me, I found it, plus a few other friends to keep it company. It is the perfect solution to the weekend to-do list, plus, you have something sweet to help you through the week ahead. Chocolate, anyone?


Tina said...

i hope that you at least eat some of it!

sherilee said...

Why does the fig, fennel and almond have to have FENNEL in it? I want just the fig and almond... fennel, not so much.